Welcome to Folksam Challenge in Gothenburg!


Sävedalen's AIK welcomes you to the first edition of the Folksam Challenge 2017.

General information
The races will be determined at Slottsskogsvallen on the 10th of June at 5:30pm.
Men's triple jump will be determined on June 11th during the Swedish game.
Women's triple jump is determined from 11m board.

Address of the competition arena:
Lars Israel Wahlmans Väg 30
414 76 Göteborg

All entrances and exits take place through the public entrance at the stands.

Parking is available next to Slottsskogsvallen on the gravel road.
Cost is 30kr, bring exact change. Swish is possible.

The official competition hotel is Hotel Waterfront.
Address: Klippan 1, 414 51 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31 - 720 22 00

For accommodations at the hotel, dinner is included on Friday and Saturday nights.

Doctor Truike Thien and nurse practitioner Thomas Carlsson will be available during the competition.

Changing & Bathrooms
Dressing rooms and toilets are located at Friidrottens Hus.
Shower and changing rooms are also available at Slottskogssvallen beneath the far bleachers.

Slottsskogsvallen is open until 9:30pm.
Please note that declarations and heats will be done inside Friidrottens Hus.

Friidrottens Hus
Calling, number distribution, changing and warm ups will all take place in Friidrottens Hus, 200m from Slottsskogvallen.
Address: Friidrottens Hus
Mikael Ljungbergs Väg 10,
414 76 Gothenburg

All competitors will receive a competition bib number. The bib must be attached to the competitor's uniform at chest height.

Tallying will occur when you pick up your competition bib. In all events, declarations must be made 75min before the start, except in jumping events, which must be made 90min before the event.

Warm Ups
All warm ups will be done outdoors in Slottsskogen or inside Friidrottens Hus.

Calling & line up
A call will be made inside Friidrottens Hus. Shortly after, athletes will walk outside to Slottsskogsvallen.

For all races, athletes will be gathered no later than 25 minutes before the start time of their event, and will walk out to the track 20 minutes prior to their event.
For field events (except pole vault), athletes will gather 50 minutes before the start of their event and head outside 40 minutes before the start time.
For pole vault, athletes will gather 75 minutes before the start of their event and walk outside 65 minutes prior to their event.

Late registration
The hosting team reserves the right to determine which subsequent notifications are accepted. Late notifications that result in additional races will not be permitted.
Competitors may be offered a spot on a waiting list if and allowed to fill any vacancies.
Submissions must be sent to Per Skoog at fcgoteborg@perskoog.se no later than 90 minutes before.

Cancellations must be submitted to Per Skoog at fcgoteborg@perskoog.se no later than 6pm the day before the competition, or the club will be charged a fee of 1000 SEK per participant.

Utility & spike length
Submission of personal gear (including spikes) for inspection must be done no later than 90 minutes before the start of the event.
This will be done in the secretariat stands at the entrance. Spike length max is 9mm in all events except high jump and javelin, where it is 12 mm.

The top three in each event will receive a medal. Prize ceremonies will take place immediately after the event ends.

All results will be published after the competition at folksamchallenge.se

A number of random doping checks will be conducted throughout the competition

Any protests may be submitted in writing to the secretariat in the stands together with a protest fee of 850 SEK no later than 30 minutes after the results are announced on the notice board

Regular racing uniforms must be worn.
Bags or other personal equipment that is included on the inner surface may not host advertisements

Heat and track division
Will be available at folksamchallenge.se 9/6 the night before.

Jump Levels
Men pole vault: 440-460-475-490-500-510-517-522+ 5cm

Other questions, contact Per Skoog.

Warm welcome!