Varbergs GIF Friidrott has the honour to welcome You to Varberg Friidrott Grand Prix, new competition for this year and the latest addition in the Folksam Grand Prix-series of competitions.
We hope for nice weather, a large and enthusiastic crowd and fantastic performances and results!

Påskbergsvallen, Kattegattsvägen 18, 432 50 Varberg.

Parking for everyone by the entertainment facility ”Arena Varberg”, located next to the main entrance of Påskbergsvallen and alongside the Kattegattsvägen.
For athletes and coaches staying at Varbergs Stadshotel there is a shuttle service between the hotel and the arena.

Late entry
There is only room for late entries by certain exceptions. To find out the possibility, please contact Athletes Liaison Per Skoog by email ( by Sunday July 14, 6 pm, the latest. On the day of the competition there is no late entries accepted.
Late entry fee is 300 kr/start. This fee will be invoiced afterwards.

Cancellation of any “confirmed athlete” must be handed in to Athletes Liaison Per Skoog ( on Sunday July 14, 6 pm, the latest. If not canceled in time, there will be a “complication fee” of 1 000 kr/canceled athlete, to be invoiced afterwards.

Athletes hotel
The official hotel for athletes and coaches is Varbergs Stadshotell, tel 0340 - 69 01 00‎,

Athletes Office
There is an Athletes Office for athletes at the hotel, which will be opened Saturday July 13 and Sunday July 14. At the desk you can pick up PM, time-table, maps of Varberg etc.
Also, you can find out the travel info to and from the arena and for the Tuesday departure. Shuttle Service Manager Lars-Anders Callenberg can be reached at +46 76 130 68 88.

Athletes staying at the hotel will have access to massage and/or Physical Therapy on Sunday July 14 between 5-8 pm and Monday July 15 between 9 am and noon. Limited number of timeslots, to book please contact Information desk.

For athletes staying at the hotel, training will be available in the indoor-arena and weight-room ”Tresteget”, at Sunday July 14 6 – 8 pm and Monday 9.30 - 11.30 am. Please contact Athletes Office.

Is presented on website: from Thursday July 11.

Stand by list
Entrance to start will be confirmed to the mail-adress specified in application. The confirmation will be done at the latest on Thursday July 11.

Entry list
Attendance and start will be confirmed through the entry list, which is to be find at website: from Thursday July 11.

See entry list.

Entrance athletes and coaches
For athletes and coaches there is a specific entrance at the right of main entrance. Bibs works as ticket for in- and outpassing during competition.

Ackreditation coaches
For coaches accreditation cards will be handed out at athletes tent right beside the athletes entrance. No preregistration needed. However, at the maximum one coach per athlete.

Bibs are handed out at Athletes tent, at the athletes entrance, from 1.30 pm. For athletes staying at the hotel, bibs also are handed out at Athletes Office from 9 am to noon on Monday. Must be picked up at the latest 90 minutes before start.
The bibs should not be folded in any way.

Own implements
Athletes who wish to use their own implements need to bring it to athletes tent, for checking, at the athletes entrance. This need to be done at the latest 90 minutes before competition.
Poles: will be kept in Varbergs GIF Friidrotts storage under the mail public stand.

Athletes stand
Athletes and coaches stand is located in the curve after finish-line.

Dressingrooms will be available, two rooms for women and two rooms for men.

Warm up area
Athletes must perform their varm up in advised grass-areas southwest of the arena. We also recommend the forest-trails just east of the arena Påskbergsvallen.

Calling/entering arena
Calling is located in the corridor, under the main public stand, in dressing room no 1. Entering the arena will take place directly after calling. In calling control of spikes, bibs and adds on clothes will take place as well.
Running 15 minutes before start
Hurdles 20 minutes before start
Longjump/Discus/Shotput 30 minutes before start
Highjump 40 minutes before start
Polevault 60 minutes before start
OBS! Events w/ different calling-times:
W Longjump at 5.50 pm
W Polevault at 5.15 pm
M 110 m hurdles at 6.05 pm
M Shotput at 5.50 pm

Athletes overalls will be collected at start and will be transported to mixed zone, closed to finish-line.

Jump levels
W Highjump: 1,65 – 1,70 – 1,74 – 1,78 – 1,82 – 1,85 – 1,88 + 2 cm
W Polevault: 3,88 – 4,03 – 4,18 – 4,28 – 4,38 – 4,48 – 4,56 – 4,64 – 4,72 + 5 cm
G19 Polevault: 2,37 - 2,52 – 2,67 – 2,82 – 2,97 – 3,12 – 3,27 – 3,42 – 3,57 – 3,72 – 3,82 + 5 cm
G17 Highjump: 1,45 – 1,50 – 1,53 – 1,56 – 1,59 – 1,62 + 2 cm

W and M 100 m
The best times in W 100 m B-final and M 100 m B-final are qualified for A-final. Competitors conserned will be personally informed.

Results will be presented at the notice-board beside call-room, as well as on our web-site:

Protests concerning results or conducting an event shall be made to the secretariat within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the result concerned. Protests shall be in writing, signed by the athlete concerned, by someone acting om his/her behalf or by an official representative of a team. The protest also shall be accompanied by a deposit of USD 100.

Award ceremony
There will be a joint award ceremony for all winners in each event/A-final in main program. Winners will be assembled outside call-room at 8.25 pm.
Prize-money will be send afterwards. For foreign athletes there will be a tax deduction of 15 %.

Mixed zone
All athletes must pass through mixed zone after competition completed. Mixed zone is located closed to finish-line.

Is located closed to mixed zone.

Medical services
Medical services is available at the arena during competition. The medical team are located beside the tracks on the lowest part of main public stand. For need of medical care before or after competition (for athletes staying in the hotel), please contact Athletes office.

We remind everyone that being on the infield is not allowed, unless one is competing.

Doping-control will be proceeded for an amount of athletes. The athletes chosen for doping-control will be advised by representatives from the organizer.

Food and beverages will be available to buy from four different places around the arena.

Athletes dinner
For athletes staying in the hotel, and their coaches, a banquet will be hold at the hotel after competition. A buffet will be served från 9 pm.

For information about the event, please contact Varbergs GIF Friidrott:
For issues concerning athletes and the competition, please contact Per Skoog:

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