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 Folksam Grand Prix 2009 

Meet the Swedish stars of today and tomorrow

Challenge the Swedish star athletes of today and tomorrow on four different arenas, in four different locations in Sweden. Close to the spectators under the light Swedish summer evening sky. Welcome to the Folksam Grand Prix!

Welcome to Karlstad GP

Tidsprogram/Timetable, Karlstad GP 2009-07-23

15.40 100m h K / W B final
15.45 Slägga M
15.55 110m h M / M B final
16.00 Längd M B-pool
16.10 100m K / W C final
16.15 100m K / W B final
16.20 100m M /M C final
16.25 100m M /M B final
16.35 200m M / M B final
16.50 1000m M / M C-final
17.00 1000m M / M B-final
17.10 400m M / M C final
17.15 400m M / M B final
17.25 800m K / W B final
17.30 Stav M / PV M
17.35 P/F 13 60m h
17.40 Diskus K
17.45 400m h K / W B-final
17.50 Längd K
17.55 400m h K / W A final
18.10 400m h M / M B final

18.15 O P E N I N G C E R E M O N Y
18.30 400m h M / M A final
18.35 Höjd K / HJ W
18.45 100m K / W
18.55 3000mH M / SC M
19.15 100m M / M
19.20 Längd M / LJ M
19.25 400m M / M
19.30 Kula M / SP M
19.35 800m K / W
19.40 Spjut M / JT M
19.50 100m h K / W
20.05 110m h M / M
20.15 200m M / M
20.25 1000m M / M
20.45 3000m K / W

Memo Karlstad GP 23 July 2009

IF Göta Karlstad has the honour to welcome you to Karlstad GP, one of four competitions in Folksam Grand Prix. We hope for good weather, a large and enthusiastic crowd, and great results.

The competition takes place at Tingvalla IP stadium, located centrally in Karlstad. It is within walking distance from the official hotel.

Time table
The time table is published on our website (www.folksamgp.se) and you can get a copy of your own at the hotel.

Entry Fee
The entry fee of 100 SEK/event shall be paid before the competition at IF Göta´s pg 47 37 91-2.

The official hotel is Scandic Klarälven,
Sandbäcksgatan 6, 653 40 Karlstad,
Tel. +46 54-776 45 00
It is located approx. 500 metres from the stadium.

Athletes’ office
In the lobby of the hotel there is an athletes’ office, with staff from the organising club, open Wednesday July 22 - Friday July 24. There you can get memos, timetables, maps and get information about transportation.

Massage service is offered for free in the hotel on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Book on site but there is a limited number of times available.

There are two computers in the hotel lobby and all rooms have wireless internet access for free if you bring your own computer.

Parking for athletes and officials will be just outside the stadium to the north.

The entrance for athletes is just outside the finishline and the clubhouse of IF Göta Karlstad.

The bibs are handed out next to Calling, just inside of the athletes’ entrance. You must pick up your bib at latest 90 min before your event starts. It is open from 10.00 on the day of the competition. The bibs should not be folded in anyway.

Own implements
Athletes who wish to use their own implements shall bring it to the west part of the stadium just outside the last curve, 90 min before competition for checking.

In the stadium, under the stands, there will be two dressingrooms, one for men and one for women. We recommend you to change clothes at the hotel.

Warm Up Area
Athletes must perform their warm up in the fields to the north of the Stadium. Throwers can warm up at the throwing field on the other side of the highway across from the hotel.

Calling is just inside of the athletes’ entrance.
Track events 15 min before start.
Hurdling 20 min before start.
LJ/HJ/SP/DT/HT/JT 30 min before start.
PV 60 min before start on the infield.

Track events
There will be A-B-C-finals in all track events and no heats to qualify for finals.

Jump levels
Will be presented on www.folksamgp.se the night before the competition and in the infodesk at the hotel.

Athletes stand
All athletes will be shown to the stands just beyond the finishline.

The results will be shown at the notice-board just beside the athletes stand and as soon as possible on our website: www.folksamgp.se

Prize ceremony
There will be a ceremony for the winner in each event at the podium as soon as possible. In track events there will be prize money only for the runners in

Travel reimbursements, appearance fees and prize money are bank transferred unless other is agreed. If such is agreed the money will be handed out at the hotel after the meeting. There will be a 15 % tax reduction on all prize and appearance money, in accordance with Swedish laws.

Medical services
Medical service is available at the stadium during competition.

We remind everyone that it is not allowed to be on the infield unless one is competing.

Further information, faq, late entries and so on. Just be kind to call
IF Göta +46-54-21 23 27 office or +46-54-21 86 26 fax or
Meeting director Anders Tallgren +46-70 340 48 02 or mail; anders.tallgren@marathon.se
Ass. Meeting director Johan Engberg +46-730 35 00 55 or mail;

Tingvalla IP, Karlstad, July 23

Men: 100m, 200m, 400m, 1000m, 3000m Steeplechase, 110m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw
Women: 100m, 800m, 100m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Discus Throw
Meeting Organiser: IF Göta Karlstad,
Regementsgatan 8, SE-653 40 Karlstad
Phone: +46 54 21 23 27
Fax: +46 54 21 86 26
E-mail: info@ifgota.se
Athletes coordinator: Anders Tallgren
Mobile Phone: +46 70 340 48 02
E-mail: anders.tallgren@marathon.se
Press Officer:
Closing date for entries: July 13
Airports: Karlstad Airport, Arlanda Airport

Folksam Grand Prix 2009
Göteborg GP – June 9
Sollentuna GP – June 25
Karlskrona GP – July 6
Karlstad GP – July 23

 Next Meeting in Folksam Grand Prix 

Karlstad GP

6 July, 2009
Karlskrona IP, Västra Mark, Karlskrona


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