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 Folksam Grand Prix 2009 

Meet the Swedish stars of today and tomorrow

Challenge the Swedish star athletes of today and tomorrow on four different arenas, in four different locations in Sweden. Close to the spectators under the light Swedish summer evening sky. Welcome to the Folksam Grand Prix!

Welcome to Sollentuna GP

Thursday 25 June 2009

TIME SCHEDULE Sollentuna GP 25/6 2009
version 5 per 24 June

16:30 Women 100 m B
16:40 Men 100 m B
16:50 Men 400 m B
17:00 Women 400 m B
17:05 Women Long jump
17:10 Men 800 m E/D/C/B
17:55 Women 400 m Hurdles
18:10 Men 400 m Hurdles B
18:15 Men Discus

18:30 Opening ceremony
18:35 Men 400 m Hurdles A
18:40 Men Pole vault
18:45 Men 100 m A
18:50 Men High jump
18:55 Men 1500 m A
19:00 Men Long jump
19:05 Men 400 m A
19:15 Women Shot put
19:20 Women 800 m A
19:30 Women 400 m A
19:40 Men 200 m
19:50 Women 1500 m
20:00 Men 110 m Hurdles
20:10 Women 100 m A
20:20 Men 800 m A

20:30 Women 5000 m
20:55 Men 3000 m
21:10 Men 1500 m B

Competition INFORMATION for the SOLLENTUNA GP, a meeting in the Folksam GP series and also an EAA classic meeting

The meeting is organised by three top Swedish athletic clubs Turebergs FK, Hässelby SK and Spårvägens FK at the Sollentunavallen arena.

This page includes important information about the Sollentuna Grand Prix – please read it carefully !

Number distribution
The envelopes with your number bib must be collected at the check-in at the latest 90 minutes before the start of your event, at the tent located beside the callroom on the artificial grass field behind the main stand. Competitors who have collected their number bibs and who, for some reason, cannot participate must immediately report this to the call room.

All competitors receive two number bibs which shall be worn on the front and back of your competition vest, high jumpers and pole vaulter are allowed use one number bib. The advertising absolutely must not folded. Athletes who do this will be prevented from competing by the officials.

Entrance for participants, officials and coaches
Competitors, officials and coaches can enter by both the upper and lower gates to Sollentunavallen. At these gates there will be lists of all participating clubs and the number of officials/coaches who are entitled to free entry to Solentuna GP.

1-2 competitors = 1 official/coach, 3-4 competitors = 2 officials/coaches, 5-6 competitors = 3 officials/coaches, 7-10 competitors = 4 officials/coaches, over 10 competitors = 5 officials/coaches. Additional officials/coaches can buy tickets at the ticket kiosk.

Changing rooms
Changing rooms are located in the main building of Sollentunavallen.

Warm-up is on the artificial grass area behind the main stand. Warm-up for throws on the artificial grass is strictly forbidden. This can take place on the upper grass area in the north part of Sollentunavallen. No warming-up is allowed in the competition arena before entering from the call room.

Call Room and entrance to the arena
The call room is located on the artificial grass directly below the 100m start for the final call and control of bibs and advertising on equipment and apparel.

For track events (except hurdles), report at the latest 15 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 10 minutes before the start time.

For technical events (except pole vault), report 35 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 30 minutes before the start time.

For pole vault, report 60 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 55 minutes before the start time.

High Jump and Pole Vault heights
Heights will be announced on the startlists, which will be published on the internet on Wednesday 24 June.

Clothing Baskets
At the start of track events clothing baskets will be available for all competitors. These will be taken to the mixed zone which is beyond the railings immediately after the finish line.

Awards ceremonies
Awards ceremonies for winners in all events on the main programme will take place as soon as possible after the event. For track events, winners will be escorted from the mixed zone to the awards ceremony. Winners of field events will be escorted from their particular event to the award ceremony.

After the awards ceremony, which will take place on the field directly in front of the main stand, the winners will depart via the mixed zone.

Mixed Zone
At the end of their event all competitors should go to the mixed zone which is the area after the finish line. The media are admitted to this area. Officials and coaches are not allowed entry.

You must bring your own shots and discus to be checked at the latest 90 minutes before the start of the event.

Please bring them to the garage to the right (looking from the arena) of the main building.

Equipment which has been deposited and passes the control will then be available during the competition and can be used by all competitors.

Doping Control
The EAA representative will nominate a number of competitors to undergo doping control which will take place in a specially designated room in the main building.

Results will be posted next to the call room. Results will also appear on the competition website, www.folksamgp.se/SollentunaGP/2009/

All cancellations must be reported by email to info@sollentunagp.se or by telephone 08-545 664 40.

Cancellations must be reported by 18:00 the day before the competition, ie Wednesday 24 June, otherwise the club will be charged a fee of 1000 Kronor.

After the competition
All participants are invited to a simple meal after the competition! From 20:00 to 22:00, food will be provided for all participants, on the first floor of the main building. Please show your number bib when you collect your meal.

08 – 545 664 40 and info@sollentunagp.se

Welcome and Good Luck!

Turebergs FK – Hässelby SK – Spårvägens FK

Folksam Grand Prix 2009
Göteborg GP – June 9
Sollentuna GP – June 25
Karlskrona GP – July 6
Karlstad GP – July 23

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