Special information due to the spread of Covid-19

Due to the spread of Covid-19, we are obliged to take a number of special measures in order to be able to organize this year’s competition. One of the measures is that we are not able to have spectators in the arena. In addition, there are a number of special measures which apply to athletes, coaches, officials and media. These are for reasons of safety and to minimize the risk of infection during Sollentuna GP. Below you can read the relevant information for your category.

The Arena
The arena is considered to be a workplace and only athletes who are competing, a limited number of coaches, and staff and officials who have specific tasks are permitted inside the arena. When you arrive at the arena, you will be given clear instructions on where and when you can go in and you will be led to the area where your event will be held. In this way, you will always only be in the presence of a limited number of persons. After your particular event, you must leave the arena. You are not allowed to stay and watch the competition

Keeping your distance and hygiene
In all possible situations, it is important that you keep your distance as much as is possible. Apart from when it is not possible during an event, the 2 metre rule should apply. Avoid hugging, shaking hands, etc. Be especially careful with hygiene:

- Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water
- Use hand sanitizer if soap and hot water are not available
- As much as possible, use your own implements and avoid borrowing from others. Officials who handle your implements will wear gloves.
At the sign of symptoms - stay home
If you feel any symptoms which may indicate covid-19, you should stay home and not come to the competition. Before you go to the arena, you should do a self-assessment of your health. Common symptoms are:
- Fever
- Dry cough
- Fatigue
- Muscle or joint pain (not, for example, exercise stiffness)
- Sore throat
- Diarrhea
- Eye inflammation
- Headache
- Impaired sense of smell and taste
- Skin problems such as rash or discoloured fingers and toes
- Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
- Chest pain or pressure on the chest
- Impaired speech or movement ability