SOLLENTUNA GP, Sunday 13 June 2021 Part of the Folksam Grand Prix series with World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze status.

The meeting is organised by three top Swedish athletic clubs Turebergs FK, Hässelby SK and Spårvägens FK at the Sollentunavallen arena.

Due to the spread of Covid-19, we are obliged to take a number of special measures in order to be able to organise this year’s competition. These apply to athletes, coaches, officials and media. They are for reasons of safety and to minimise the risk of infection during Sollentuna GP.

This document includes important information about these measures as well as general information about the competition – please read it carefully!

Covid test to travel to Sweden
A valid negative covid-test is needed for entry to Sweden. .

Training: At Sollentunavallen on Saturday 12 June only between 14-16 and 17-19 due to a combined event competition.


Start lists: Start lists with lane assignments, start order and high jump and pole vault heights can be found on the homepage on Saturday 12 June at the lates by 21.00
Number bibs: Bibs must be collected from the Welcome deskin Scandic Star hotel on Sunday 13 June between 09.00 and 12:00. Or from the entrance area of the Sollentuna Athletic Hall on Sunday 13 June from 13.00, but at least 90 minutes before the start of the event. One number must be worn on the front of your competition-vest and one on the back, high jumpers, pole vaulters and long jumpers are allowed to use one number bib. The advertising MUST not be folded! If the number bibs are not worn properly, then the appearance/bonus/prize money will be withdrawn.

Entrances for participants, officials and coaches are the upper gates to the arena or via the entrance to Sollentuna Athletics Hall.
Limited access to the arena
The arena is considered to be a workplace and only athletes who are competing, a limited number of coaches, and staff and officials who have specific tasks are permitted inside the arena. A limited number of tickets are being sold to spectators.
Coaches and Managers
Every athlete is allowed to have 1 coach/manager in the arena.. The coach/managers can pick up their accreditation cards from the welcome desk in the Scandic Star Hotel, Sollentuna on Sunday 13 June between 9-12. The accreditation card must be worn the whole time in the arena area.

Coaches and managers must leave the arena once their athletes have finished their event.
Changing rooms: To avoid the risk of infection, there will be no changing rooms this year.
Toilets: Toilets can be found in the Athletics Hall and in the building at the other end of the arena.
Warm-up: In the Athletics Hall or outside the Arena next to the lake. Warm-up for throws can only take place in the competition arena after entering from the call room.
Call Room and entrance to the arena. The call room is 4 tents just beyond the finish line. This will be for the final call and control of shoes, bibs and advertising on equipment and apparel. Check on the timetable which tent you should go to.
For track events (except hurdles), report at the latest 15 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 10 minutes before the start time.
For hurdles events, report at the latest 20 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 15 minutes before the start time.
For field events except pole vault, report 35 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 30 minutes before the start time.
For pole vault, report 70 minutes before the start time. Entrance is 65 minutes before the start time.
Clothing baskets: Clothing baskets will not be used in the normal way.
For 100m, your baskets will be brought from the start to the mixed zone.
For all other running events you should leave your clothes in a basket in the call room/mixed zone area
Mixed Zone. At the end of their event all competitors should go to the mixed zone, which is the area after the finish line. Officials and coaches are not allowed entry.
The media have been give clear guidelines on how they should deal with interviews and the 2 metre rule applies.

Equipment. As much as possible, use your own implements and avoid borrowing from others. Officials who handle your implements will wear gloves.
You must bring your own implements to be checked at the latest 90 minutes before the start of the event. Please bring them to athletics hall. Alternatively, you can leave them at Scandic Star Hotel the Welcome Desk at the hotel before 12:00 on Sunday.
Shoes. World Athletics has recently changed the rules regarding competition shoes. It is important that athletes and coaches are aware of rule number 5 regarding shoes and that you follow them. There will be spot-checks of shoes in the call room.

After your event: After your particular event, you must leave the arena. You are not allowed to stay and watch the competition. This also applies to your coach.
Doping Control: The EA Technical Delegate will nominate a number of competitors to undergo doping control, which will take place in a specially designated room in the athletics hall.
Results will appear on the competition website,
TV coverage. The main competition (18:00-20:00) will be broadcast live on national TV channel, SVT2.

Prize money

Category A events: € 1000, €600, € 400, € 300, €200
Men: 1500m, Long jump, Discus Throw
Women: 1500m, High Jump, Pole Vault

Category B events: € 500, € 400, € 300, €200, €100
Men: 100m, 400m, 800m, 400 m hurdles, Triple Jump
Women: 100m, 400m, 800 m, Long Jump, Shot Put

Payment: The tax rate in Sweden is 15% which will be deducted on all prize
money and promotional fees. For travel contribution which is backed up by travel documents there is no tax deduction

All payments will be made by bank transfer after the competition.

Special reminder regarding the spread of Covid 19
In all possible situations, it is important that you keep your distance as much as is possible. Apart from when it is not possible during an event, the 2 metre rule should apply. Avoid hugging, shaking hands, etc. Be especially careful with hygiene:
- Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water
- Use hand sanitizer if soap and hot water are not available

If you feel any symptoms which may indicate covid-19, you should stay in your room and contact the welcome desk.

Before you go to the arena, you should do a self-assessment of your health. Common symptoms of covid 19 are:
- Fever
- Dry cough
- Fatigue
- Muscle or joint pain (not, for example, exercise stiffness)
- Sore throat
- Diarrhea
- Eye inflammation
- Headache
- Impaired sense of smell and taste
- Skin problems such as rash or discoloured fingers and toes
- Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
- Chest pain or pressure on the chest
- Impaired speech or movement ability


Turebergs FK – Hässelby SK – Spårvägens FK